Police release video, seek information about car accident involving Dollar General on Holmes

Lansing Police have released video of a car that was driven into the Dollar General on Holmes Rd. Saturday afternoon. I will post the video later this evening, but above are photos of those the department is hoping to identify in this investigation.


The suspect vehicle is shown traveling at a high rate of speed south bound, driving over the curb, through the grass and striking the Family Dollar business narrowly missing several pedestrians.

The driver (suspect) of the vehicle exits the building and appears to be in distress (1:34 mark) black shorts and black shirt (see attached photos). The suspect staggers to the rear of the yellow truck in the parking lot.

A female appears (wearing pink) running and approaches the suspect (1:42 mark) then walks to the building and speaks with others.

The suspect subsequently leaves the accident scene without identifying himself. Thankfully no pedestrian or store employees were injured during the crash.

The vehicle was impounded and Detectives are following up on ownership and who the driver might have been during the crash.

At this point Lansing Detectives are asking for help identifying the suspect who drove the car into the building and left the scene. Detectives are also trying to identify the female who approached the suspect.

Many pedestrians and vehicles appear to be coming and going from the scene, prior and after the crash. Contact Police if you have any information with regard to this Hit and Run investigation.

Lansing Police Department: 517-483-4600

Detective Sergeant Bladwin: 517-483-6846

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