Louney hit with 36-page campaign finance complaint

Ingham County Commissioner Dennis Louney not only lost his bid yesterday to retain the seat he was appointed to earlier this year, but Ingham County Clerk Barb Byrum also filed a new campaign finance complaint against him alleging 18 separate instances where he used his county provided email address for campaign purposes.

The 36-page complaint was sent to the Michigan Secretary of State’s Elections Bureau yesterday and then uploaded to the county’s campaign finance website. Louney has come under fire for using his county provided email to conduct election related business previously.

“I did not do due diligence to look at my email,” he said on Capital City Recap. “Since that time I have been very clear in the sense that I violated the law and I should be punished for that it was a hard lesson that I learned and I am taking greater care to check my emails and not use my county emails for anything that could be perceived as election related.”

Louney claimed that incident was the only time he used his county email for electioneering.

“It was an honest mistake,” he said.

But Byrum’s complaint shows Louney used his email in 18 instances for political causes including seeking endorsements, fundraising and meetings about his campaign. Those emails date back to March of this year, a month after he was appointed to the county commission.

Louney was in a three way primary Tuesday night, and lost to Thomas Morgan. Coming up right behind Morgan was Robert Pena. Final numbers were Morgan 1,171; Pena 1006 and Louney 758. The seat has been reliably Democratic for years and it’s assumed the Democratic nominee will win the seat in November.

Louney did not immediately respond to a text message or voicemail seeking comment.


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