Fate of City Market to go on ballot

Lansing Mayor Andy Schor will ask voters the city council to approve a ballot measure to allow his administration to potentially sell the Lansing City Market.

The market is located on the riverfront in downtown Lansing and is prime real estate. Despite that, it has been a failed endeavor, according to councilmembers, for years.

In fact, during budget negotiations council cut a subsidy to the market in half. That, Schor said in a press release this morning, will mean the city will have to shutter the flagging operations sometime around Labor Day.

Schor explained his position with this statement in his press release this morning:

“We must reactivate the City Market property and are placing all options on the table. In order to
do that, we need to include the option for a private entity to buy the market,” said Mayor
Andy Schor. “As such, we are sending to council a ballot question allowing for the option to sell
the land where the market is located. We have to do this in order to have the option to
sell Lansing parkland. Lansing residents should decide if we include sale of this property as an
option for reuse of this space, which is part of an active riverfront.”

Council will consider eliminating an ordinance requiring a City Market to be located on the river front. That could pave the way for the Schor administration to name either Allen Neighborhood Center’s Farmers’ Market or the South Lansing Farmers’ Market — or both — as the city’s official market.


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